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  • We are dedicated to providing opportunities for low income artists to access the tools they need in order to kickstart their career in music. 

  • We understand that there can be significant financial barriers when it comes to getting into the industry and want everyone who is passionate about music to get a chance to pursuing their dreams. 

  • We provide equipment, software, resources and other useful tools so that all people - regardless of income level - can make an impact on their community, city, country and world through their art. 


    Our cornerstone studio, House of Diamonds TO runs various workshops teaching valuable skills such as songwriting, marketing and the business of music. Through our foundation, we are able to offer these classes at a reduced or completely free rate so that anyone can participate regardless of their financial situation. We strive to remove any barriers preventing people from achieving success!


    Starting a career in the music industry can be daunting, especially when it comes to making connections. It is true that knowing the right people can make all of the difference, and having access to those networks is invaluable. That's why we strive to take young people under our wings and help them meet leadings artists, producers and sound engineers. By doing so, we are helping them build their network which will ultimately become their net worth!

    The Pressure Makes Diamonds Foundation (c/o 13448991 Canada Foundation) is the community outreach program branch of Diamond Factory Studios Inc that serves to give back through education, entertainment and skill-building. Our foundation provides grass roots support to the community with access to resources such as mentorships, workshops and training programs to help underdogs reach their full potential and pursuit a career in the music industry. In addition, we host events that bring people together while providing fun activities geared toward inspiring minds. We are dedicated to creating a brighter future by investing in this cities most valuable asset - its people!

    Diamond Factory Studio is Located Downtown Toronto On Polson St.

    Diamond Factory Studios, by Sunny Diamonds

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